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Perfume bottles are highly collectible and there are so many types and styles. You may have something sitting in your attic or in your cabinet and not even realize it is valuable to a collector.

Ask yourself these questions:
Do you have a mystery perfume bottle?
Do you have a perfume that you would like to know what the age or value may be?
Is it worth listing on ebay?
Are you a collector of vintage perfumes or want to get started?
Are you a seller who wants to list vintage perfume bottles but don't know where to start?
Want to bid on a bottle but want to know its value first?

Let me do the legwork for YOU!

I am offering a service to identify, evaluate and research your perfume bottle(s). I have numerous reference books on perfume bottles at my disposal and can help you determine how old your perfume is, who the manufacturer is, what book and auction prices are, condition ratings and any other pertinent information. The only thing asked of you is for you to email me the pictures of your bottle/item and some specific things about it. You do not have to send me your bottle, just pictures.

Got other items besides perfume bottles?

I can also help you with your vanity/dresser sets too, including: powder boxes, mirrors, brushes, jewel caskets, trays, manicure tools, jars, bronze, gold, sterling silver, brass, crystal, celluloid, bakelite, silverplate, lucite, porcelain, filigree, jeweled, guilloche, enameled, glass, compacts, antique jewelry, French, Bohemian, Czech, Victorian, etc.

Vanity Items Brands: Stylebuilt, Matson, Guildcrest, Apollo, E & JB Empire Art, Tiffany & Co, Cartier, Czechoslovakian and others.

You will receive an emailed identification & appraisal of your bottle with your purchase.

*IDEA!* A completed Appraisal would be nice to include along with your perfume bottle in your ebay, ecrater,, ubid, craigslist, Ruby Lane listings or your brick and mortar store too. Your buyers would be delighted to have an appraisal with their purchase.


Due to the amount of time it takes me to research your item, which in many cases can take up to a week or more, all appraisals are $20.00 US DOLLARS each. I am sorry but I am unable to refund purchase price.


1. Payment must be made prior to appraisal. I am only accepting PayPal as a payment option, please use the PayPal button below.

2. Send me good, clear pictures of your item to my email address:

3. Note any measurements and condition.

4. Any markings on the base of the bottle or base of stopper?

5. Does the bottle have original box or label present?

6. Let me know if your appraisal is for insurance purposes.


About the Valuations:

Valuations: are given by means of researching the various reference books on perfume bottles/ladies accessories/jewelry, etc, that I have in my possession. The values given in an estimate is based on a average prices that I find are the current marketplace or comparable item prices found in my reference books, past auctions, online stores, old newspaper articles, and my own sources. You should also use these valuations if you need insurance for your piece in your collection. Let me know if your appraisal is for insurance purposes.

Appraisals do take time and the research part of it is the hardest part. Some research can take up to a week or more. I check every book in my personal library that I have which is over 30 different books. I look at every page of those books for your perfume bottle, the name or the company, or similar bottles or items.

In addition to my books, I search online for references, or scour antique and vintage newspapers for information, that takes a lot of time! I also take time to fix your photo that is included in your appraisal, sometimes people send me very dark pictures ad I have to lighten them up, crop them, etc. I add as much info as I can on the perfume companies, the perfume itself, and whatever else. This can often take several days to a week or longer. So if you don't get your appraisal right away, you'll know what is going on.

Please note that I cannot be held responsible for prices realized.

What happens if I cannot identify your bottle?

Due to the amount of research and personal time I put into each appraisal, I am sorry but I cannot do refunds. It would be like me doing all the work for nothing. Some bottles are so scarce I have to look through at least 40 books, or search online forever just for a hint of the name or company. I try to include as much info about the bottle, the name and the company as I can. Its a great education and perfect for those who wish to catalog your collection. If I cannot actually verify the bottle or id it, I still give an appraisal and description, so you wouldn't be getting nothing so to speak. I hope this helps to clarify things. if you would like my help, just let me know.


I have been collecting vintage perfumes for over 20 years and have also sold them on ebay for several years. Please read below for the details. I have helped many people on ebay with perfume appraisals and would enjoy helping more. I am also a past member of the International Perfume Bottle Association and frequently answer questions on vintage perfumes and bottles on the ebay discussion boards. I also write about vintage perfume companies and their bottles on the online magazines and The Perfume Magazine. Perfumes are my passion! Please ask any questions as I will be happy to answer!

I can help you with the following types of perfume bottles:

  • commercial
  • scent bottles
  • Victorian
  • Art Deco
  • Lalique
  • Baccarat
  • cut crystal
  • chatelaine perfumes
  • Art Nouveau
  • silver overlay
  • Moser
  • atomizers
  • dresser bottles
  • double ended scent bottles
  • designer
  • factices
  • Bohemian
  • cameo glass
  • porcelain
  • Irice
  • Apollo
  • Empire Art
  • Silvercraft
  • antique perfumes
  • travel atomizers
  • French perfumes
  • sterling
  • DeVilbiss
  • Opaline perfumes
  • Volupte
  • vintage perfumes
  • mystery perfumes
  • Pyramid
  • laydown types
  • handpainted
  • Edwardian
  • Czech perfume bottles
  • ivory
  • bakelite
  • celluloid
  • dresser sets
  • and more!
  • Everything except Avon!

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